The Company believes that its present and future strength is based primarily on people and their skills, experience, and potential to develop, no matter what their race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability.

Our objectives include promoting new writing, offering training opportunities, scholarships and providing a wider knowledge and understanding of the positive and enriching aspects of a multi-cultural society.

The Company’s new show, RUSH, is about the Windrush migration and the development of Reggae Music.

Our Mission Statement

To influence, provide opportunities, educate and instigate change that leads to a more diverse and equitable society and cultural landscape.

Rush: A Joyous Jamaican Journey poster 2019

Rush: The Show

A stunning new show featuring the JA Reggae Band playing music of the people, music for the people, but most of all, music of hope.

Behind the Scenes with The JA Reggae Band

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